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With the goal of increasing the amount of customers your firm can reach in mind, Attorney Media Marketing employs a few key strategies. The end goal: getting more new clients to place calls to your office. The main conversion tool for achieving this goal is your firm’s website.

While SEO, SEM, and Social Media Management are the technical aspects of how we accomplish our goals, the actual look and feel of your law firm’s website is an often under-appreciated and overlooked aspect of online marketing. The visual design of a website is often the first impression a prospective client will have of you and your practice and it is essential to put your best foot forward. It would be of no use to drive web traffic to your site only to have the majority of clients not pick up the phone because of a bad first impression.

Our graphic design team works with you to develop a distinct look for your firm. We then replicate that across all platforms in order to brand your site and your social media profiles. Our focus is always on making sure that at first-glance, prospective clients are impressed, intrigued, and interested in calling to make appointments.

Each of our clients has a custom-tailored website built for them from the ground up. Our designers employ the latest technologies and tools to ensure that all of our sites are modern and enticing.

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